a|mount1 W1S1 [əˈmaunt] n [U and C]
1.) a quantity of something such as time, money, or a substance
amount of
They spend equal amounts of time in California and New York.
a considerable/large/enormous etc amount
a considerable amount of money
a small/tiny etc amount
a tiny amount of dirt
Please pay the full amount (=of money) by the end of the month.
2.) used to talk about how much there is of a feeling or quality
a large/considerable etc amount of sth
Her case has attracted an enormous amount of public sympathy.
a certain/fair amount of sth
Dina encountered a fair amount of envy among her colleagues.
3.) no amount of sth can/will etc do sth
used to say that something has no effect
No amount of persuasion could make her change her mind.
4.) any amount of sth
used to say that there is plenty of something, and no more is needed
The school has any amount of resources and equipment.
amount 2
amount2 v
amount to [amount to sth] phr v
[Date: 1300-1400; : Old French; Origin: amonter, from amont 'upward', from mont 'mountain']
1.) if figures, sums etc amount to a particular total, they equal that total when they are added together
Time lost through illness amounted to 1,357 working days.
2.) if an attitude, remark, situation etc amounts to something, it has the same effect
The court's decision amounts to a not guilty verdict.
Ultimately, their ideas amount to the same thing .
3.) not amount to much/anything/a great deal etc
to not be important, valuable, or successful
Her academic achievements don't amount to much.
Jim's never going to amount to much.

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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